Thin Lizzy and SAHB Top Ten

It’s Top Ten time once more - Thin Lizzy and the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, fronted of course by two of the greatest ever rock band leaders, Philip Parris Lynott and Alexander James Harvey, both of whom left us far too [more...]

Song For A Friend

A particular highlight from last year was the Pet Shop Boys’ Electric album, a fine record chock full of the kind of spot-on English synth-pop wizardry that Messrs. Lowe and Tennant present us with on a very regular basis. An [more...]

Albums from the Nineteen Nineties

So here’s how the 90s went.. I seem to remember a large proportion of that period was taken up with a work-drink-sleep-repeat cycle, with occasionally added fun. There might be a few bolters in the list, maybe not so predictable, [more...]

Arctic Monkeys Top Ten

I’ve been struggling over a top ten of a legendary artist. It seemed like every day my choice changed: I completely deleted it and started again a couple of times. I still am nowhere near a final choice. But while [more...]

Albums from the Nineteen Seventies

I joined in on the 70s Albums project, because I wanted to remind myself of my past. I have a terrible memory for it.. other folks seem to be able to recall, in the minutest detail, what went on more [more...]

2013 (Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before)

OK, so here we are again (so soon!), and here’s a round-up of my listening pleasures or otherwise for this year. But here I’m thinking maybe I have finally reached that ‘certain age’, and the skeletal finger of the Grim [more...]

Big Star Top Ten

Lists.. we bloody love ‘em, don’t we? I know I do.. Here are my top ten Big Star songs, over at the Toppermost site once again, including a Spotify playlist. Give me some feedback if you wish at the usual [more...]

Mott the Hoople Top Ten

Wanted to blow out the cobwebs and get moving again, so I put together my top ten Mott the Hoople songs for Merric Davidson (@AgeingRaver) over at the Toppermost site. Lots of bands old and new over there already, and [more...]

'Kick-start The Captain' Competition

I’ve got one or two articles in the pipeline but while I’m working on that, I’m posting some good stuff on Facebook. To help me get back in the saddle on this blog, let’s have a competition, and the closing [more...]

So Where Have I Been?

Away. And now I’ve got a little bit of what the fellow in the video has.. it’ll clear soon. Pedestrian Verse, from wide-screen blue sky Scottish indie rockers Frightened Rabbit is keeping me going right now. Here’s video of the [more...]

Have A Cool Yule, Y'All

Take a Christmas album, forget it’s a Christmas album, listen to it. Is the music good? Then it’s a good album. Mere Christmassiness is not enough. Tracey Thorn’s Tinsel and Lights is just delightful, and here’s the opening track from [more...]

Welcome Back!

Hey, welcome back to the blog. It’s been a while. As you can see I changed the appearance, which should now be a little more iPad and mobile friendly – hopefully it works pretty much the same way however you [more...]